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 Recipe ideas to use bamboo shoots in:

bamboo shoots curry

bamboo shoots strips

rice with bamboo shoots

bamboo shoots salad

Bamboo Shoots with Pork (Filipino Rabong)

Red Curry w/ Chicken and Bamboo Shoots

Chicken and Bamboo Shoot Noodle Soup (Bun Mang Ga)

Steamed beef balls with bambo shoots

chicken red curry with bamboo shoots

Vietnamese spring roll

baked lumpia rolls with bamboo shoots

Stir fried fresh bamboo shoots and asparagus

Bamboo shoot and snap pea stir fry with bacon

Beef and Bamboo Shoot Curry - Gang Naw Mai Neuw Sub

almond chicken bamboo shoots

Chicken, smoky bacon and bamboo shoot stir-fry

Mu Shu Chicken vegetable roll

Bamboo Shoot Salad Soop Naw Mai �˹����� 

bamboo shoots slices

Lontong Sayur - Indonesian cooked vegetables in coconut milk with rice cake

bamboo shoots whole

shrimp coconut bamboo ginataang tambo

Bamboo shoots in sweet-spicy coconut (Keerla sukke)