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  Coconut meat in syrup:

   Coconut meat
The coconut is the fruit of coconut palm, Cocos nucifera. This tree is widely distributed to all the tropical and subtropical areas, has a cylindrical trunk about 45 cm in diameter and grow 12 m up to 30 m high, with many rings marking the places of former leaves. At the summit it bears a crown of about 20 pinnate leaves that generally curve downward, each of which is about 3 to 4.5 m long. The fruit grow among the leaves of the tree in clusters of 10 to 20 or more nuts; and 10 or 12 of these clusters, in different stages, may be seen at once on a tree as each fruit takes about a year to ripen. The coconut seed lies inside the shell about 30 cm long, is oval shaped and has a thick, fibrous tough brown outer husk and a hard inner shell. It is a The lining, or kernel, of the inner shell is a white, ball of crisp, white sweet-tasting oily meat that can be eaten as fruit meat or dried to produce the commercially valuable copra. Copra yields an oil used in the manufacture of soaps and candles. Within the kernel is a sweet-tasting, milky fluid. When the coconut is still young, with a green shell outside, this liquid is cear and therefore also called: "coconut juice" or "coconut water". Shredded or dried coconut meat adds a distinctive flavor and texture to sweets and other foods








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